Romancing the Sheriff

Who meets the world’s hottest sheriff while wiping their rear with poison ivy? Me, that’s who.


I’m Zoey. A romance writer, geeky girl, and hot mess extraordinaire. I’ve never met a situation I couldn’t make more awkward or a man I couldn’t embarrass myself in front of.

Case in point, I was relieving myself in the bushes after a really long trek up the mountain. Only to accuse the hot sheriff who stops to help of spying on me.

But Brock isn’t like everyone else. He looks at me and sees something he likes. Still, this thing between us is too good to be true, right? After all, I write fairytales. I don’t live them.


Zoey isn’t the typical tourist I meet. She’s young, adorkable, and so damn sweet. Definitely too sweet for the dirty things I have in mind when I see that cute derrière.

She’s just passing through which means this can only be a vacation getaway romance. Except that doesn’t sit right with me.

Before she leaves, I plan to show this beautiful novelist that I want to star in the love story of her life. Will she let me be her prince charming this Valentine’s Day?

What happens at the yearly writer’s retreat stays at the retreat…except the bonds these authors forge and the stories they tell.

But someone forgot to mention that to the men they find themselves falling for in stunning Lake Tahoe. From the small-town sheriff to the hot, bossy cowboy to the grumpy, reclusive mountain man, these romance authors have stumbled upon real life trope-tastic heroes that sweep them off their feet. Sometimes literally.

Get ready to laugh, cry, and swoon this Valentine’s Day when these six authors bring you on a Galentine’s Getaway you won’t forget. Galentine’s Getaway is a collection of steamy short romances brought to by six of your favorite instalove authors!

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