Big Bossy Cowboy by Mia Brody

The bossy cowboy storms into my workplace and insists that he’s going to marry me. Oh, yeah, and we just met literally 10 seconds ago…

Even though he’s stupid hot and the alpha cowboy thing is working for me, I already know my life is waaaaay too complicated.

“No one warned me that the cowboys are crazy here,” I mutter and roll my office chair back. I stand, needing to get some distance.

Ignoring the insane man behind me, I stalk across the floor to the filing cabinet. “I’m checking your medical history. Clearly, you’ve had a head injury at some point.”

He pulls his phone from his shirt pocket, unaffected by my less than enthusiastic response to his obnoxious proposal. “Princess cut or oval?”

I sigh in exasperation. “The only ring I want is a yeast ring.”

Something in his gaze sparkles. “You like donuts?”

I make a noise of disgust as I think about my ex-boyfriend. I was too fat for him. He constantly berated me for my weight.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s funny. The fat girl likes donuts.” I try to hide the bitter note in my voice but I can’t. I hate that this guy knows about the tender spot on my heart.

The bossy cowboy snarls like an animal deprived of prey. He rounds the desk and crowds my space until I step back against the filing cabinet.

“I love your body. These curves are a masterpiece. Now, who made you feel bad about them? Give me a name.”

Find out what happens next in Big Bossy Cowboy!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love Mia Brody’s over the top alpha cowboys. Greer knew what he wanted as soon as he saw Evie. Can’t wait for more books in the series. – MJ

Read Big Bossy Cowboy if you like:

❤️ Over the top instalove sweetness

❤️ Bossy cowboy who knows how to ride

❤️ Filthy talker who wants her

❤️ Adores her curves

❤️ Protects her always

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