You’re busy and legal jargon isn’t sexy. I get it – the legalese makes me want to weep, too. Here’s a quick summary of everything you need to know about my site and how it functions.


I have a newsletter (sometimes called a mailing list). If you enter your name and email address in the newsletter box, I will send you emails about the steamy books I write. Typically, you’ll get two messages per week.

But know that I take your privacy seriously. I’m not going to share your information with anyone else. I LOVE my readers and want to protect their data. 🥰

GDPR Compliance

I believe you should be in charge of your personal data and what happens with it. Because of the nature of my website, I may collect data about you via cookies, statistic software, through forms you fill out, and purchases you make.

Additionally, I use tools that contain cookies to improve the function of my site and to make it easier for you to browse. These tools include (but aren’t limited to): Google Analytics, Google Recaptcha, and Active Campaign (my newsletter).

By browsing the site, you’re agreeing that it’s acceptable I’m collecting this data. If you’re curious, I do nothing with this information except share it when and where I’m legally required to.

But if you ever want your data removed from my site, you can send me a request to do that. Send your message to mia @

Terms & Conditions of Use

I can’t make any guarantees about sites that I link to or about sites that link to me. Basically, you have to browse at your own risk. But you kind of knew that one already.

Affiliate Disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

In simple language…

I use affiliate links on my website, social media, and/or newsletter. What this means is I may earn a commission (a small bit of thank-you cash) if you click on or purchase an item after hearing about it on my website, social media, or newsletter. This goes to support my book buying habit. 😉

I strive to be transparent with all of my links so you know when you’re clicking on an affiliate link. Also, I only share stuff that I really like and believe in.

If you want to know more, you can read my Full Affiliate Disclosure here. It answers common questions and explains what it means when I tell you I’m an affiliate or associate.

Contact Me

Got questions about writing or want to talk about delicious alpha heroes? Go ahead and send me an email (mia @ I’d love to hear from you!