Mia Brody

Hey y’all!

I’m Mia Brody. I’ve written over fifty romance books.

I’m best known for Courage County, a fictional town where alpha heroes with hearts of gold fall in love with curvy women.

I often write characters that are disabled, chronically ill, or neurodivergent.

My own struggles with muscular dystrophy and anxiety inspire many of my stories. Because of this, I’m passionate about showing readers that happily ever after is possible for everyone. ❤️

If you’re wondering where to start, I recommend reading Married to the Mountain Man.

Married to the Mountain Man by Mia Brody

I punched my brother and took his bride for my own. Because he won’t worship those beautiful curves the way I will.

❤️ Gruff Mountain Man

❤️ Double Virgins

❤️ Forced Marriage

❤️ Hero with disability

I absolutely adored writing Brennon and Cadence together and hope you’ll love their story too! 🥰


Mia 💋