A Christmas Bride for the Cowboy

Grumpy cowboy seeks Mrs. Claus. Must love tattoos, beards, and sitting on Santa’s lap.


I’ve been helping out my folks at the Kringle Christmas Tree Ranch my whole life. I’m what my mama calls “not particularly sociable”. That’s a nice way of saying “he’s a grumpy cowboy”.

When a health scare forces my dad to slow down, it’s up to me to step into the big red suit and jolly demeanor. I might be a grouch but I’m not going to disappoint the kids that visit our ranch. Problem is I need a Mrs. Claus and on short notice, there’s only one woman I can think of—my best friend’s little sister.

Cassie is the shy toymaker with a curvy body that I’d love to do dirty things to. This isn’t how I planned for things to go but this holiday season, Santa is playing for keeps.


I’ve been living at the Kringle Christmas Tree Ranch since I was adopted at fifteen. I’m what mama calls “not all that people-y”. That’s a nice way of saying “she’s got social anxiety”.

But I can relax when I’m in my workshop, designing toys for kids. I’m good with kids because I remember what it was like to be a scared, sad one. Maybe that’s why I accept West’s offer to be Mrs. Claus. It doesn’t have anything to do with my crush on him.

As the temperature drops outside, the chemistry between us heats up. Now I’m thinking that I’d like to be the one sitting on Santa’s lap. But what happens when this nice girl decides to do naughty things with her brother’s best friend?

If you’re craving a sexy holiday story about a grumpy cowboy who falls hard for his forbidden fantasy, then it’s time to meet West in A Christmas Bride for the Cowboy.

Welcome to the Kringle Christmas Tree Ranch where the hot chocolate always comes with extra marshmallows. Indulge your sweet tooth with these sexy cowboys as the Kringle brothers fall for their curvy women this holiday season. Expect a guaranteed HEA set in Mia Brody’s Courage County, which is the perfect place to find your next book boyfriend!

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