Claimed by the Mountain Man

Grumpy mountain man seeks sunshine nanny to care for equally grumpy nephew.


I never thought I’d become a single dad at thirty-six. Then again, I never thought my half-sister would just abandon her tiny son. Now, it’s on me to raise the six-month old baby.

I don’t have a clue what to do with a little one, but I know they need lots of loving. That’s why I hire the sweetest woman in all of Courage County to care for him.

She’s got curves for days, and I shouldn’t be thinking about my new nanny like that. But now that she’s under my skin, I’m never letting her go. She’s mine and I plan to claim those curves all for myself.


Hale is a big grump but he’s always coming into the little dessert shop where I work. He tips me an extra twenty and licks his ice cream cone while I imagine how it would feel to be his sweet treat.

After I get fired, the older mountain man shows up with his baby and an offer to become his new nanny. I don’t know why he’s so insistent that I’m the one for the job, but I need the work.

Besides, it’s not a big deal to work around Hale. It’s not like he’d ever be interested in a curvy woman like me…would he?

If you love a grumpy mountain man who falls hard for his sunshine nanny, it’s time to meet Hale in Claimed by the Mountain Man.

Courage County mountain men love curves! These flannel-wearing, wood-cutting lumberjack men are gruff and grumpy. But underneath it all, they have hearts of gold just waiting to be uncovered by the curvy women they claim. Cuddle up with these sexy new book boyfriends from Mia Brody today!

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